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Duvall Crest Lapel Pins and Charms



Several members who attended prior annual

meetings were able to purchase a lapel pin or a

charm bearing the likeness of the Duvall crest.

These pins and charms are of partial gold

composition and can now be ordered and

delivered via mail.  The charm can easily be

worn as a pendant by adding it to a small chain.                        


Both pins and charms are available for $25 each,

which includes shipping and handling.


Requests for pins and charms should be mailed to:



               Edna L. Powell
            7647 N. Arbory Way
          Laurel, MD 20707-5541


Checks or money orders should be made payable

to the “Society of Mareen Duvall Descendants”. 

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.







Two references documenting the early history of the Duvall family in Maryland are:



The first is Harry Wright Newman’s book,

Mareen Duvall of Middle Plantation.  This

book was first published in 1952 and                           

provides a detailed genealogical history

of Mareen the Emigrant, his twelve

children and many of their descendants

through the year 1952. 


The cost is $50.00, which includes shipping

and handling.  While temporarily out of stock,

orders will be accepted after November 1st



                    Orlando Ridout              

               1021 Whitehall Cove

          Annapolis, MD 21409-6124





The second resource is William Doepkens’ Excavations of Mareen Duvall’s Middle Plantation of South River Hundred.  This is the perfect companion to the Newman book, as it provides archaeological evidence to corroborate Newman’s genealogical findings.  This book is available for $45.00, including shipping and handling.


To place an order for this book, please contact:


                                                                                               Mr. William J. Doepkens

                                                                                               2657 Davidsonville Road

                                                                                               Gambrills, MD 21054-2107





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