Notable Descendants of Mareen Duvall

Mareen Duvall was born about 1625, in the Kingdom of France and settled on the south side of the South River in Anne Arundel County, Province of Maryland circa 1655. The first tract of land patented to him in 1659 by Lord Baltimore was called "Laval," the name of an ancient town, the capital of the present Department of Mayenne in France. He was a planter and merchant, and a public spirited citizen of the Province until his death in 1694. He resided at the time of his death at his estate, Middle Plantation, located on South River, and patented to him in 1664 by the Lord Proprietary. His public service consisted in part, with leadership in the Jacobite Party, and the Provincial Archives show his appointment to the Provincial Commission in 1683 by the Proprietary and Assembly, to lay out town sites and ports of entry for the encouragement of trade. He was the patentee of numerous tracts of land, and the purchaser of many others containing several thousand acres, as evidenced by the Public Land Records and his Will dated, and probated in August, 1694.

Judge Gabriel Duvall

Counted among the descendants are thousands of Americans from all walks of life.  Judge Gabriel Duvall (1752-1844), a close friend of Thomas Jefferson, served as a member of the Maryland House of Delegates, the United States Congress, Comptroller of the United States Treasury, and later as Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court.

Judge Duvall’s plantation home, known as Marietta, is located in Glenn Dale, Maryland.  Marietta, built in 1813, is a large two-story brick Georgian style structure. The Society has restored the Law Office of Justice Gabriel Duvall, which is a separate brick structure across from the main house. The Society raised the funds and received a matching grant from the State of Maryland to assist in the restoration of the Law Office.

Marietta, the official headquarters of the Society, as well as the Prince George's County Historical Society, is owned and operated by the Maryland National-Capital Park and Planning Commission.

Visitors to the Washington, DC metropolitan area, may tour Gabriel Duvall's home and law office, located at 5626 Bell Station Road in Glenn Dale, Maryland.  From the Capitol Beltway, I-495, take  MD-450 East, Annapolis Road, turn Right onto MD-193, Glenn Dale Boulevard, and turn Left onto Bell Station Road.

Lineage of Other Family Members

 Note – Listed page numbers correspond to Mr. Newman’s book, Mareen Duvall of Middle Plantation.olmH

President Harry S. Truman

1st:       Mareen, the Emigrant
            2nd:      Susannah Duvall and Robert Tyler (p. 163)
            3rd:       Edward Tyler and first cousin Elizabeth Duvall (p. 168), daughter of Samuel Duvall
            4th:       Edward Tyler and Nancy Langley (p. 182)
            5th:       Captain Robert Tyler and Margaret (p. 191)
            6th:       Ann Druscilla (Nancy) Tyler and Captain Jesse Holmes (p. 191)
            7th:       Mary Jane Holmes and Anderson Shipp Truman
            8th:       John Anderson Truman and Martha Ellen Young
            9th:       Harry S. Truman, 33rd President of the United States

 Mrs. Bessie Wallis Warfield Simpson, became the Duchess of Windsor

1st:       Mareen, the Emigrant
            2nd:      Captain John Duvall (d. 1711) and Elizabeth Jones (p. 57)
            3rd:       Elizabeth Duvall (b. 1687) and John Gaither (b. 1668)
            4th:       Mary Gaither (b. 1724) and Seth Warfield (b. 1724)
            5th:       Benjamin Warfield (1755-1829) and Ariana Dorsey (b. 1755)
            6th:       Daniel Warfield (b. 1783) and Nancy Ann Mactier
            7th:       Henry Mactier Warfield (b. 1825) and Anna Emory
            8th:       Teackle Wallis Warfield and Alice Montague
            9th:       Bessie Wallis Warfield (1896-1986)
                                    m. 1st – Captain Winfield Spencer, Jr.
                                    m. 2nd – Ernest Aldrich Simpson
                                    m. 3rd – Edward VIII, Duke of Windsor

Robert Duvall, the Actor

             1st:       Mareen, the Emigrant
            2nd:      Mareen, the Elder and Frances Stockett (p. 97)
            3rd:       Mareen Duvall and Sarah (unknown) (p. 102)
            4th:       Samuel Duvall and Eleanor Pearce (p. 106)
            5th:       William Duvall and Ann “Nancy” Ramsey (p. 117)
            6th:       William Henry Duvall and (unknown) Williams (p. 129)
            7th:       Andrew Jackson Duvall and Sarah Bohannon
            8th:       Abraham Lincoln Duvall and Laura V. Rhine
            9th:       William Howard Duvall (1904-1984) and Mildred Hart
           10th:      Robert S. Duvall (the actor)


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